Intrinsically Engaging Narratives™ through profound human insight

In a world of empty narratives BRAND AVIATORS ™ favour depth. What we call concepts are neural structures that help us organise the world around us in line with our fundamental human motives. Our mind is a highly complex system in which many intricate series of cause and effect relationships fire simultaneously.Unless we understand the fundamental routes through which emotions arise, we cannot unlock emotions effectively.

Capturing, for the first time, our fundamental human motives at theιr deepest levels of deployment all the way from their biological value, to the neurosystems they engage in our brain, the cognitive operations and psychological states they activate, the major social reinforcers they cause, and the rich hierarchy of inherent concepts they infuse into our everyday life, BRAND AVIATORS™ help clients activate the authentic codes of their brands to mobilise the primary motives that drive the sales and profit of the category.

In tracing the pathways our mind uses to create reality and by activating the very forces of life, The Wheel Of Motives™ offers considerable advantages over the brand strategy models used by multinational companies today.

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