Capture brand strategy and brand guidelines in clear directions able to activate our fundamental human motives

Source Language™

Capture brand strategy and brand guidelines in clear directions able to activate our fundamental human motives

Powerful strategies require effective articulation into tangible and ownable experiences. In this third phase, the brand’s narratives are imprinted on our Fundamental Human Motives and the brain’s ingrained concepts, which lie at the core of human communication. Everything around us that stands the test of time, such as the great myths, has been written using our primary emotions as structural elements to appeal to everyone.

A brand cannot become alive without a living language in it. As we prefer brands that favour the expression of our personality in the clearest and deepest way, living brands follow the path of least resistance to our brain to help us narrate the master stories of our life. Using the same code developed by our brain to reflect its own hierarchies of meaning onto everything around us, the unique language of the brand - a dialect of the source language of our behavior – which allows consumers to write the story of their own hopes and dreams into the brand. In that way they collectively participate in the creation and propagation of its narrative. 

A huge database that systematises all expressive media (sounds & music, colours & materials, words & typefaces, forms & shapes, scents & tastes etc.) according to their impact on our brain, helps us reduce subjectivity, compromise and improvisation and create narratives of unprecedented coherence and magnetism.


• The brand responds to the central motive driving the category
• The brand touches everyone by activating the very forces of life
• The most stable platform of doing business and maximizing ROI (our fundamental human motives remain unchangeable)
• One Holistic Platform of understanding Consumers integrating all research
•  12 Fundamental Human Motives captured scientifically at their deepest layers of development
• Deeper, trustworthy, scientifically objective results
• Big ideas come from one well-delineated territory
• What may appear to be an over saturated competitive market, reveals new opportunities at the heart of categories and brands.
• The brand ends up owning a panhuman territory, engraving its own pathways in our mind





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